Wiper Control

Perfect for Marine and Specialty Vehicles

The RG-11 Rain Sensor can be used to control a wiper system. The RG-11 will control the wipers from off through intermittent and steady-slow speeds. This may be used for the wipers on a boat, ship, locomotive, observation window, or many other applications.

marine wiper control


The RG-11 may be set to properly control wipers for almost any application..

Rain sensing wipers are great convenience feature in a luxury car, but frankly even more useful in marine applications.  In a boat or ship, wipers are often used on windows that are not attended closely.  A "dry-wipe smear"  reduces visibility, and hence safety and passenger comfort.  Plus, running wipers over dry glass wears out the motor and other wiper system components.

See the Wiper Control Application Note for more details on using the RG-11 in wiper control applications.


Wiring Diagram for Wiper Control

Marine wiper diagram