Wiper Control

Applicable Model: RG-11

Perfect for Marine and Specialty Vehicles

marine wiper control
Perfect for Marine and Specialty Vehicles The Hydreon RG-11 Rain Sensor can be used to control a wiper system. The RG-11 will control the wipers from off through intermittent and steady-slow speeds. This may be used for the wipers on a boat, ship, locomotive, observation window, or many other applications.
Rain sensing wipers are great convenience feature in a luxury car, but frankly even more useful in marine applications. In a boat or ship, wipers are often used on windows that are not attended closely. A “dry-wipe smear” reduces visibility, and hence safety and passenger comfort. Plus, running wipers over dry glass wears out the motor and other wiper system components.
The RG-11 may be set to properly control wipers for almost any application.

Wiring Diagram for Wiper Control

Marine wiper diagram

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