RG-15 Warranty


Only the rain sensor is covered– absolutely no consequential damages. If this policy is unacceptable in your installation, do not use the RG-15. It is the responsibility of the systems integrator and purchaser of the Rain Gauge to insure a safe installation. Any mechanical system, including one that incorporates a Rain Gauge, requires appropriate safety interlocks. Hydreon Corporation (Hydreon) warrants only the actual cost of the sensor, and only that it is free from defects in workmanship. The Rain Gauge is warranted to be free from defects for a period of one year from date of purchase. Under no circumstances will Hydreon be liable for any consequential damages due to failure or any other mishap involving a Rain Gauge. Hydreon’s liability in the event of a failure, or inability to sense a condition, is limited to the actual cost of the particular sensor. Explicitly, if other objects are destroyed due to water damage, or if any object is destroyed because of a false indication of water, Hydreon is in no way whatsoever liable for anything other than the cost of the Rain Gauge, and then only if the Rain Gauge is shown to have some defect in materials or workmanship. Limitations and imperfections of the Rain Gauge do not constitute a defect. Further, if some valuable data is not gathered because an erroneous indication of any sort due to the Rain Gauge, Hydreon is liable only for the cost of the Rain Gauge. It is the responsibility of the system designer and purchasers of the Rain Gauge to insure that a failure of the Rain Gauge will not cause consequential damages. If a failure in the Rain Gauge would cause disaster, we recommend against deployment of the Rain Gauge, or against the system in which the Rain Gauge is deployed. If a failure of a Rain Gauge would cause great expense, Hydreon recommends redundant Rain Gauges, and even in that case do not assume any liability for consequential damages. It is the responsibility of the system designer and purchasers of the Rain Gauge to be aware of performance limitations of the device. If a Rain Gauge fails for any reason Hydreon will not be responsible for the labor of servicing and or installing and/or removing the Rain Gauge. Labor is NOT COVERED. Transportation of the suspected failed Rain Gauge to Hydreon is the responsibility of the purchaser. Hydreon recommends that the system designer perform a Failure-Mode Effects Analysis that includes the possibility of Rain Gauge failure. If a potential purchaser of the Rain Gauge does not agree with these terms, we ask that the potential purchaser not buy the Rain Gauge. Deployment of the Rain Gauge implies understanding and agreeing to these limits of liability. Apply engineering judgment: Hydreon does not claim the RG-15 is a perfect rain sensor. It is what it is, and senses what it senses.


Some amount of yellowing or discoloration of the case is considered normal cosmetic aging of the device, and sensors so affect will not be replaced under warranty. Tiny cracks or crazing within the lens is also considered cosmetic, and units so affected will be replaced only if they are deemed by Hydreon corporation to be considered to be of a functional nature.