Rain Tracker

Rain Tracker Windshield Wiper Control


Rain Trackers are out of stock and no longer made.

We do not have any available for sale. Please do not call or email to ask. They do not exist.

We would like to thank everyone that ever purchased a Rain Tracker. Thanks for the business, best of luck and best wishes to you in the future.

From 1998 to 2015, we made Rain Tracker brand rain sensing wiper control systems for aftermarket applications. It was a well designed and well made product, but there simply is not a large enough aftermarket demand for rain sensing wipers. The feature is great if the car comes with it. For most people, however, it is just more trouble than it is worth to install. Addressing the market niche– especially the Sisyphean task of making it compatible with over 5000 different make / model-year combinations, and supporting them– did not make business sense. Hydreon has directed its energy towards more promising opportunities in recent years.


Spare couplers are no longer available.

If you need support for a particular vehicle, please see our compatibility database. This database is no longer updated and we offer the information as is. You can also find links to the the standard installation instructions in the database.